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Ambrus + Co

For many years we have been working exclusively and successfully with the data STLB-Bau and DBD-BauPreise in connection with the Bachmann AVA in the AVA area. The application is effective and makes a large contribution to the cost security of our construction projects. This is reflected in the satisfaction of our clients and contributes to the success of our services and our office. Competent support from the DBD Center is an integral part of our success-oriented cooperation.

L. Ambrus |

HW Ingenieur Consult

Competence in all aspects of construction

With strong partners at our side, we offer our customers professional construction management. Working with the DBD Center enables us to create the safest possible tenders in all trades in accordance with VOB specifications. We have found a strong Partner in you.

Stefan Hage |

Architekturbüro Hebgen

DBD-KostenKalkül is an excellent tool for calculating the costs of new construction projects. Through the library of components, service items and costs operating in the background, we arrive at detailed, project-specific results quickly and clearly. Through the DBD Center, we have received individual support and comprehensive advice.

Martin Hebgen, Dipl.-Ing. Architect |


The data transfer from the CAD via IFC into cost calculation and then the export together with the price into my AVA program works well. An almost usable "LV" can be displayed, but it has to be checked again to be on the safe side and adapted/supplemented here and there.

All in all an enormous time and personnel saving. I am very satisfied with this solution.

J. Kilic |


We use STLB-Bau for the legally compliant description of subcontractor services according to the latest standards. It serves above all as a supplement to our own tender database. Because, let's be honest, which of us can be up to date in all building construction trades and describe them in a legally impeccable manner?

The standard service book is our proven instrument.

K. Lehnardt, Dipl.-Ing. Architect |

Plan A

For me, cost calculation is an instrument for internal quality assurance throughout the entire planning process.

In my office we use the cost calculation program from the first cost estimate. Its simple handling makes it possible to make very detailed statements about construction costs at a very early stage. Any potential savings can be easily explored by exchanging the components. But its great benefit lies particularly in the fact that this data can be easily updated over the subsequent work phases. If one also uses the cost elements and the STLB construction in this context, it is a small step with the corresponding AVA software to generate specifications from the cost calculation. By the possibility to generate own elements, this software offers a large flexibility. It can also be used in very special areas. I find the self-control particularly comfortable due to the integrated cost elements. This makes it almost impossible to forget special components, for example in connection details, when tendering and calculating costs, even under time pressure. A tool that offers you really continuous security in the planning process. The software is perfectly supported by the services of the DBD Center, which always helps you in a friendly way should any questions arise.

Daniel Stüber |


DBD-KostenKalkül supports us with the quantity and cost calculation, the big advantage is the time saving which gives us more freedom.

Bert Wasmer, Dipl.-Ing., Free Architect |

References to clients

Planning offices at federal, state and local level

The STLB-Bau text system was approved for use by all federal building authorities by decree of the Federal Ministry for Regional Planning, Building and Urban Development - B 12 - B 1051 b - 00/5 - of 3 August 1998.

It is used among other things for

  • German Rail
  • Building administrations at state level
  • Hesse - OFD Frankfurt
  • Baden-Württemberg - OFD Stuttgart
  • And in the meantime in almost all federal states Municipal building authorities
  • City of Braunschweig
  • City of Goslar
  • City of Marburg
  • city of Dortmund
  • City of Recklinghausen
  • City of Cologne
  • City of Bergisch Gladbach
  • City of Trier
  • City of Frankfurt
  • City of Neckarsulm
  • City of Villingen-Schwenningen
  • City of Regensburg
  • City of Chemnitz
  • And in many other building administrations (building construction, civil engineering, green areas) of the municipalities
  • Companies with public participation
  • Wuppertal Public Utility Company AG
  • Federal Miners' Welfare Fund, Bochum
  • Public utility Sindelfingen
  • Jena Public Utility Company
  • And in many other companies with public participation References Clients
  • Institute of Business Administration of the Construction Industry GmbH
  • Federation of the German Construction Industry ex.
  • Central Association of the German Construction Industry
  • Landesverband Sächsicher Bauinnungen LSB Sächsischer Baugewerbeverband e.V. SBV "Calculating instead of Speculating.