In times of rapid technological and economic developments, the individual craft business is more dependent than ever on reliable calculation bases.

The craft sector is the most versatile economic sector in Germany and, with its small and medium-sized enterprises, forms the core of the German economy.

From one-man businesses to small and medium-sized enterprises, crafts enterprises offer a wide range of handicraft products and services.

Leading craftsman programs offer a direct interface to DBD cost approaches and STLB construction.

In order to meet the high requirements, good tools are required, also and above all in the preparation and calculation of future projects.

This is what DBD cost approaches stand for. Based on STLB construction / dynamic construction data, these provide VOB-compliant, DIN-compliant specifications for the preparation of quotations and calculations, supplemented with current references to standards (DIN and EN).

Calculation made easy - that is our motto.

  • Tables/templates are included for Excel® users. This means that DBD cost approaches can be used without an industry program.
  • Due to the simple operation, complete LVs for calculation and quotation are created in just a few steps. And even better, if you change the performance, the price changes. Material, time and price lists are created automatically. All items are DIN and VOB safe and can be updated twice a year on request.
  • Material, time and price lists are created automatically.
  • All items are DIN and VOB safe and are updated twice a year.

Your advantages

  • You can calculate faster and more reliably.
  • At the same time, you can submit more carefully calculated quotations and thus increase your chances of winning orders.
  • You know your "pain threshold" better during negotiations.
  • When you place an order, you already know how profitable your new order is likely to be.

All this either in connection with Excel or a suitable application program.