DBD-KostenKalkül - model based determination of quantities and costs

DBD-KostenKalkül is a program for the determination of quantities and costs on the basis of drawings, plans, sketches and photos of all kinds - with DBD-KostenKalkül quantity and cost calculation is incredibly easy!

  • The bridge to BIM!

  • Easy handling

  • Only 2D / PDF plans needed

  • Bill of Quantity and construction costs

  • Building element structure included

  • Up to 30% faster


Plans can be processed quickly and easily.

DBD-KostenKalkül offers unique features that are specifically designed for building inventory.

Create a cost-oriented building model easily and quickly

What you need is a plan. With DBD-KostenKalkül, a model is created, from which you can see all services for demolition, renovation, new construction, etc.



With quick, simple features which is create a cost-oriented building model. This contains room and component oriented all cost-relevant components. These are automatically linked to DBD cost elements. Merges Quantities, costs and qualities into a cost estimate.

DBD-KostenKalkül is ideal for all ...

  • ... who do not want to estimate the cost over cubic meters of volume. Because this method is not exact, and not to use for further cost control?!
  • ... who wants to use a quantity and performance framework as a basis for cost control.
  • ... looking for a simple solution.

All generated information can be output via varius reports in Microsoft Excel or transferred to each who is looking for a simple solution via Electronic Data Exchange.